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Find used cars in San Francisco with CarsDirect. It may come as a shock to some, but the famous urban center of San Francisco ranks fourth in the list of the largest CA cities, just behind San Jose. But San Francisco's reputation is larger than life. With landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz in the Bay Area, the city enjoys a lot of tourist traffic. San Francisco also boasts top schools like Berkeley, the football franchise of the 49ers, and other major attractions. Along with its neighboring Oakland urban area, the total population of the San Francisco metro area now tops 800,000. The city of San Francisco, originally a Spanish outpost in 1776, has gained a unique reputation as a premier urban location along the California coast. All of the activity around SF means that a lot of used cars change hands within the city. San Francisco dealer's lots may hold a recent influx of vehicles from other locations in Southern California, where the car culture in Los Angeles and neighboring cities can have an effect on what is for sale across the state. But for those who are looking at buying used in the San Francisco area, all of this can mean it's hard to narrow down the choices and focus on what a driver needs. CarsDirect can help. This easy online center can show a shopper more about the best auto deals in and around SF for getting that next car or truck that's right for your future on the road.