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Finding used cars in San Jose with CarsDirect. Contrary to what you may think, San Jose is no "pueblo". Today's estimates bill the city as the third largest in the state of California, after L.A. and San Diego (San Francisco is next in line). With over a million inhabitants by some estimates, San Jose is a huge urban center. From its humble beginnings as a farming center in the south of the state, San Jose has become a big draw for mid-state residents. Its strategic location near some of the other large California cities adds to the attraction of visiting or relocating to the San Jose metro area. The city also has proximity to the network of microprocessor facilities and tech research locations that many refer to as the "Silicon Valley". As computers came on the scene, a lot of the groundbreaking work on creating consumer-based products and general innovation in technology was done in this renowned center of engineering. That leads even more families to call San Jose home. With all of the people in this CA region means a lot of traffic. Used cars make their way through the various sectors of California, and with the large volume of car owners in state, you're likely to see all kinds of unusual models parked in San Jose driveways. From the minimal sedan to the luxury or specialty car, San Jose has something to offer everyone. However, it can be hard to find the best deals around when you are new to the area. CarsDirect is a tool that can help you find cars in the San Jose area. Just visit the website and see how availability and pricing info can get you behind the wheel in San Jose, California.