Used Cars in Santa Rosa, California

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Find used cars in Santa Rosa at CarsDirect. Whether you're in Santa Rosa for the Wine Country or for college, CarsDirect can help you find a used car that fits your needs. With close to a half million people in the Santa Rosa area, there is no shortage of used vehicles available. The 12th largest city in California, best known for its proximity to the world-renown vineyards and wineries of Napa Valley, sports beautiful Northern California scenery. Much of it visible from the famous 101 that runs North-South through the city - and with the plentiful traffic that goes with a dense population, you have lots of time to enjoy the view from your new used car. Summers are mild compared to the further Southern parts of California, so air conditioning is not an absolute requirement. The mild winters mean you won't need block heaters or other cold weather equipment with your new car. Like all of California, the seller of a vehicle 1975 or newer is required to obtain a current emissions (smog) inspection and provide the results to the buyer. As repairs can quickly get expensive, you should make sure the seller has done this when looking at a used vehicle. Whether you're wine tasting, spending a day at the Russian River water parks with the kids, taking in the historic scenery at the Jack London State Historic Park, on a leisurely drive through the Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve, or just commuting to work, CarsDirect's database of over 1.5 million vehicles can help you find the perfect used car for you.