Used Cars in Hartford, Connecticut

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Find used cars in Hartford with CarsDirect. The city of Hartford occupies a special place in the geography of Connecticut. Just south of Springfield, Massachusetts on the Connecticut river, Hartford is the state's second biggest city, with more than 100,000 residents. To some, the city is best known as "the insurance headquarters of the United States", so-called because of its impressive collection of insurance offices that serve local, state and national communities. Hartford also has its own collection of schools and universities, as well as museums and other attractions that draw visitors to this urban area. Just over 30 miles away from neighboring New Haven, CT, Hartford also enjoys access to the campus of Yale University. All of this makes Hartford a great place to live, according to many happy residents who have experienced life in this New England locale. Those looking for cars in the city of Hartford, Connecticut are likely to find a mix of personal vehicles for sale by owner or in the lots of local dealers. Used vehicles in Hartford may appeal to various locals such as college students, young professionals, families or high mileage drivers in different ways. Some shoppers will be amazed at the diverse city of used vehicles available in this local market. To help sort through all of the offers for used cars and trucks in Hartford, try using to narrow down your search and find the pre-owned vehicles you really want for getting around this New England community.