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Find used cars in Georgia with CarsDirect. A state with a long history, the state of Georgia in the American Southeast is a surprisingly populous one, and still growing. Current estimates give Georgia a population of over nine-and-a-half million on roughly 59,000 square miles. Georgia was one of the original 13 colonies and shares the legacy of the provinces that rebelled against Britain to become the first United States of America. Today, Georgia's largest city is Atlanta, the state capital, with a population of over half a million. Home of baseball's Atlanta Braves and the NFL's Atlanta Falcons, the city of Atlanta has its own place in America's southern geography. Other large cities like Savannah, and large military installations like Fort Benning, add to the population of the state of Georgia, and traffic on the roads that help visitors pass through Georgia from Florida to the south, or into the Carolinas to the north. The varied topography of Georgia, from the mountainous western region to the coastal east, means more variation in the daily transportation state residents use. All of this can add up to a lot of questions for those looking for a deal on a used car or truck in Georgia. CarsDirect can help shoppers find the models they are looking for across the state of Georgia or beyond. Take a look at the site's online data tools and pricing info for getting your next car or truck in the state of Georgia.