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Find used cars in Hawaii with CarsDirect. As states go, Hawaii is a newcomer: the state was inducted into the American union in 1959. By current census estimates, over 1 million people live on this string of islands off of the Pacific coast. But though Hawaii is part of the U.S.A., that doesn't make it magically connected to the mainland, and that means a lot of work on supply routes to get all of the standard living amenities from production centers on the American continent (or elsewhere) to the volcanic isles of Hawaii, a state with a whole lot of tourism and daily traffic. Though there may be no interstate system in Oahu or other Hawaiian locales, there are still roads, and a lot of people using them. The unique nature of getting around in Hawaii can lead to some potentially confusing situations for those looking for transportation in these tiny land areas. Of course, the car lots of Hawaii have to price up models according to "dealer cost" both in transportation and in all kinds of overhead, from lot leases to advertising. When you're looking for a car in this island paradise, you can easily end up paying too much if you don't know anything about the standard markup that boosts Hawaii quotes above your average mainland prices. For those trying to decipher Hawaii's used car prices, CarsDirect can help: the site's database and online tool set can get you a better picture of what's available in the island state.