Used Cars in Idaho

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Find used cars in Idaho at CarsDirect. Bordered by Washington and Oregon in the West, and Montana and Wyoming in the East, the state of Idaho is a perfect bridge between the somewhat urban Northeastern region and the very rural Midwestern areas. Idaho itself has a population of one-and-a-half million spread across more than 83,000 square miles, making it a pretty rural environment. The largest urban center is the capital, Boise, where about one third of all Idaho state residents live in the city's metro area. State university sports venues and more bring visitors to the Boise area in the southwestern corner of the state. Apart from the Boise area, the state of Idaho is a wild, remote place, perhaps best known for its skiing, snowboarding and whitewater rafting resorts. It's also called "The Gem State" because of the abundance of geological specimens found there. When it comes to transportation, Idaho residents rely on their roads: Interstate 84 runs from the south of the state to the west, through Boise. Highway 95 runs from Montana through Idaho's eastern half, through Idaho Falls and southward. Other smaller capillaries help the state's residents and visitors to get to various out of the way destinations. Those looking for used vehicle to carry them around the state of Idaho can rely on CarsDirect, where pricing tools and availability info help narrow down the choices. If you are on the hunt for a used car or truck in this area, take a look at CarsDirect for getting your next set of wheels in The Gem State.