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Find used cars in Illinois with Although it ranks 25th, the median state in terms of land mass, Illinois ranks fifth in the list of most populous U.S. states. Most of the reason for that is the mammoth Chicagoland area around the top urban center of Chicago that, as the state's primary city, has more than two million residents in its city limits and over nine million people in its metro area. The "Windy City" enjoys a unique place in American lore, and now hosts large sports franchises such as the Chicago Cubs, who play in the nation's second oldest major league stadium in Wrigley Field, and the Chicago White SoxChicago is also home to the NFL's Chicago Bears and other big name sports teams. As a "hub city," Chicago connects the Mississippi river with the Great Lakes watershed, and its prime location, along with other elements like migration patterns in the twentieth century, contributed to making Chicago its own regional mega-city, second only to New York in the east and Los Angeles in the west. All of the traffic through Chicago and other parts of Illinois adds up to a lot of cars on the road across the state and in the vast area of Chicagoland, where many used car dealers offer their wares to state residents and others from neighboring regions. CarsDirect can help shoppers find the models they are looking for across the state of Illinois or beyond. Take a look at the site's online data tools and pricing info for getting your next car or truck in Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois.