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Find used cars in Indiana at The state of Indiana is a sizable part of the US. Current estimates have the population above 6 million, on a total of over 36,000 miles. The states inland location means it is somewhat cut off from the eastern seaboard, but on the other hand, the state of Indiana shares a border with Michigan, giving it access to some of the vehicles that flow through Detroit, the historic center of America's auto industry. The state's largest metropolis, Indianapolis, is home to the famed “Indy 500,” as well as sports franchises like the NFL Indianapolis Colts. Indiana's status in the car racing world may mean a lot more customized vehicles on sale across the state, as part of a local industry where, just as in neighboring Michigan, “the car is king.” But what about trying to find the best deals on cars and trucks within the state of Indiana? Because of specific availability and local market demand, knowing about the best deals and availability can be difficult. The online tools and database at CarsDirect can help users locate good vehicle deals anywhere in the state, from Indianapolis to the border, or down to the southern regions, for seeking out your next used car or truck from all of the models that are scattered across this central piece of America.