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Find used cars in Fort Wayne with CarsDirect. With over 250,000 total inhabitants, the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana is more than a small population center for the state. Home to some large corporate offices, and to the Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne campus, the city draws in residents and visitors from greater Indiana. Highway 69 runs south to Indianapolis, or north to Michigan. The Ronald Reagan Expressway takes visitors around the east side of Fort Wayne. Fort Wayne International Airport is the state's third busiest airport. In addition, the city maintains a system of trails and public park areas that are attractive to wildlife enthusiasts. Attached to the city of Fort Wayne is the community of New Haven, with other large satellite municipalities in Huntertown, Woodburn and Monroeville, as well as other nearby communities. All of this means a lot of cars on Fort Wayne area roads on any given day. Residents can choose from a wide variety of pre-owned certified or other used car dealers sprawled across the Fort Wayne metro region. All kinds of cars and trucks make their way through the state, whether from northern origins near the Motor City, from the large Indianapolis area, or even from the east coast. For more on what kinds of auto deals reside in the Fort Wayne area, and the prices attached to them, check out CarsDirect. Where a full featured website directs buyers to local offers for used vehicles; the best bargains in and around Fort Wayne.