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Find used cars in Indianapolis with CarsDirect. Not all Americans might think the city of Indianapolis as a metropolis, but it is a pretty big urban center by regional standards. In terms of overall ranking, Indianapolis is the 14th largest U.S. city, with a population poised to top 800,000 according to some estimates. Indianapolis ranks third in midwest cities after Detroit and Chicago, and hosts some important attractions such as NFL franchise the Indianapolis Colts and the city's contribution to the NBA, the Indianapolis Pacers. But the city of Indianapolis also has its own unique sports attraction, the annual "Indy 500". Billed as the largest single-day sporting event in the world, the Indy 500 fills over 250,000 seats every Memorial Day weekend. The role of Indianapolis in stock car racing makes it a quintessential "car city", and that means there may be a lot of diversity on the road and inside the garages of the Indianapolis metro area, as well as a lot of proud car owners who may know a lot about the general mechanics of both stock car and private street car design. But what about when you want to buy in the Indy area? If you're looking for a vehicle in IN, and confused about where to start, let the online pricing and database tools at CarsDirect help you pick out a deal. From the many sales happening every day across this city that is a landmark in the automotive world, on and off the track.