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Find used cars in Cedar Rapids at CarsDirect. The Cedar Rapids metropolitan area covers 64.4 square miles in Linn, Benton, and Jones Counties. With a population of over a quarter million, Cedar Rapids is the second largest city in Iowa. The size of the used car market might make performing thorough research seem like an insurmountable task. Rather than spending a whole day driving the length of Interstate 380 and stopping at various dealerships, take a few minutes to search the listings in the CarsDirect database. Whether you live in Marion, Hiawatha, Ely, Swisher, Shueyville, Palo, Atkins, Fairfax, Walford, Robins, or Bertram, just enter your ZIP code and find the deals closest to you. Spend time with your family at the Paramount Theatre or the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, rather than waste time looking at vehicles you don’t really want. You can search by make, model, year, mileage, price, color, or features. Identify your desired automobile before crossing the Cedar River or 1st Ave to another quadrant of the city. Contact the seller by phone or email. Don’t be fooled into buying a flood-damaged car. Make sure to view a vehicle history report before buying. It's easy when you search at CarsDirect.