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Find used cars in Des Moines at Des Moines is a medium-sized city in the middle of Iowa with a population of around two hundred thousand. While there are usually many more options in the used car market in larger cities, Des Moines is big enough that there is still a huge variety of used cars for sale to choose from. You could start your search by driving to each individual used car dealer in town to look for the used car that you want, but this process can be long and tedious. Alternatively, you could look online for used cars for sale in your area, which is beneficial because it is more efficient and exposes you to a greater number of available deals. If you decide to use the Internet to find the used car you are looking for in Des Moines, the best resource for you to use is Since CarsDirect is a company that offers services to every state in the US, the first thing you will have to do when you go to to look for used cars in Des Moines is enter your zip code. If you like, you also have the option to do an advanced search, with other parameters, including prices, types of used cars, and other characteristics of the used car you want. No matter what kind of used car you are looking for, CarsDirect is the best place to find used cars for sale in Des Moines.