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Find used cars in Kansas at CarsDirect. The state of Kansas has a unique place, both in the history of the United States of America, and in its actual geographic center. Originally the home of a large Native American population, the state of Kansas later became a gateway to the west, and has remained a notable part of the American landscape in the 20th and 21st centuries. Over 2.8 million people call Kansas home, many of them situated in Wichita, the largest city in the state of Kansas, located in the southern center of the state. Half a million reside in the Wichita Metro area, while to the states eastern border, Kansas City numbers just over 140,000. however, with over 2 million residents in the Missouri side of Kansas City, some could say that the combined urban center is in some ways a larger draw to outside traffic from beyond the state. Though the major sports franchises and attractions of the city are almost universally on the MO side, Kansas City, Kansas hosts the Kansas Speedway and other tourism spots. The spread out nature of this large land mass (the area of Kansas exceeds 80,000 square miles) means a lot of traffic on Kansas roads, heading all over the state and to destinations beyond. Locals and newcomers will want to know about what kind of used car deals are available in the state of Kansas, for short distance commuting or long-distance travel. If you have a question about what kind of cars and trucks or on sale at the auto lots of Kansas State, take a look at CarsDirect, where pricing and availability tools can get you your next set of wheels registered in "The Sunflower State."