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Find used cars in Kentucky with The state of Kentucky has a general reputation as a rural part of America. Situated in the southern area of the Midwest, it's far removed from the high traffic areas of the eastern seaboard. Some might be surprised to hear that over 4 million residents call Kentucky home, with over half a million in the metro area of Louisville, the state's capital and its largest urban center. While Kentucky may not have some of the common attractions of some eastern cities, it does have its own specialties, including bluegrass music and horse racing; the state hosts the annual Kentucky Derby, one of the most popular horse racing event in the country. This state may be the spot for four-legged transportation, but when it comes to vehicles, Kentucky may not benefit from its removed location: its place west of southern Virginia puts it relatively far from some of the main used auto auctions in the Northeast and Detroit in the far north. But the state of Kentucky has its share of used cars for sale. For some who are new to the state, it can be hard to find bargains in the dealer's lots scattered across Kentucky's terrain or in the urban venues across Louisville and the surrounding metro area. CarsDirect can help used car shoppers find the needle in a haystack, their next great bargin for getting on the road in KY. Browse the CarsDirect database and online tools to find a used car deal near you.