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Find used cars in Louisville at CarsDirect. Located on the western boundary of the northern Kentucky border, the city of Louisville is a local urban center with a lot of history and attractions for residents and visitors. With more than 700,000 in the city limits, and over a million counting the metro area, Louisville is Kentucky's largest city. With its Indiana river border, Louisville truly is a blend of Southern and Midwestern cultures that brings many into the city from beyond the state. Other attractions include the NFL's Louisville Cardinals, who play their home games at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, as well as college basketball and other sports venues. In addition, Louisville hosts a unique sporting event, the Kentucky Derby, making it a central attraction in the area of horse racing. The Derby, a nationally renowned event, is often called "the fastest two minutes in sports." With a $2 million purse, this historic race attracts a lot of interest, and boosts local tourism in the historic city that was originally incorporated in 1780 and named for French monarch Louis XVI. From its historic neighborhoods, to sports attractions and much more, Louisville offers a lot to those who choose to live or visit there. When it comes to transportation, locals rely on their cars and trucks: although the Louisville has a public transit system, much of the business that gets done every day depends on the American automobile. When you're looking for a car or truck on the used auto lots of Louisville, take a look at CarsDirect to see what kind of options are available. Detailed pricing and info tools will help you find your next deal in this Kentucky city.