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Find used cars in Detroit at The city of Detroit is a big city in many ways: current research indicates the urban population is getting close to 1 million, while this historic urban center continues to attract residents, as well as those traveling from the U.S. to the Canadian mainland. Detroit is a big sports city, with several big franchises, from the NHL’s Red Wings, to the NBA’s Pistons and the NFL Detroit Lions. But Detroit is also big car city, a classic landmark in the history of the American automobile, as evident from its nickname “motor city” or “Motown.” With that in mind, getting a good informed picture of overall car sales in this town can be tricky. As the heart of American auto country, Detroit has seen changes as the big three automakers tighten their belts to fend off threats from a downturn in the nation's economy. As the seat of a lot of promotion for the American vehicle, buying in Detroit can be somewhat different from purchasing vehicles and other parts of the country. A wide variety of vehicles are available to a local population that has depended on U.S. auto sales to thrive. When you need to buy a used car or truck in the city of Detroit, you may need some information tools to help you figure out the best deals in town. The car and truck database at CarsDirect can help. Use easy online resources to figure out what's available in Detroit, and how you can capitalize on the best deals around.