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Find used cars in Minnesota at Instead of trying to search the nearly 87,000 square miles of Minnesota for a good deal on a used car or truck, would not it be much more enjoyable to be viewing a Minnesota Vikings game or watching the Twins compete for another league pennant. There are so many great places to go and wonderful things to see in Minnesota that it would be very unfortunate to spend so much time searching for a used car that you like and you can afford. That is where CarsDirect can help you in your search for a quality used car; you should leave the hard part to us. Whether you live in Minneapolis or International Falls on the Canadian Border, there are certainly better things to do with your valuable time than shopping for a used car. These days, traffic congestion is no laughing matter in the Minneapolis - St. Paul metro area and negotiating the roads and highways during a winter storm can makes browsing the local used car dealerships both difficult and dangerous. Therefore, use our website to browse our huge inventory of over one and a half million new and used cars. With so many vehicles available, we guarantee that you can find the used car truck that best meets your needs at a price that you will not be able to beat. So when you are searching for your next used car or truck, the best choice for Minnesotan car shopper is the CarsDirect website.