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Find used cars in Montana with CarsDirect. The state of Montana has been called many things: Though its official state nickname is "The Treasure State," it's also called "Land of Shining Mountains," "Big Sky Country," and "The Last Best Place," as well as the Spanish title "Oro y Plata" (Silver and Gold). But whatever you call it, Montana is one thing to all Americans: a part of the last frontier, an "unfinished" place to see the wonder that still lives in the natural American landscape. With under a million people spread over 147,000 square miles, the state represents one of the least populous places in the nation, where residents and visitors can take in an impressive geography of mountains and plains, a space that is the fourth largest in the U.S. after Alaska, California, and Texas. When it comes to transportation, drivers may see something different on Montana roads than what they are used to. Because of the lack of urban areas, and the great spaces Montana residents traverse, there's a premium on rugged vehicles that can go the distance, and a lot less of the flashy car culture shoppers find in areas like California's Orange County or the New Jersey suburbs of New York City. When it comes to buying used vehicles in Montana, potential buyers will be looking at a specific kind of car or truckto help figure out what kinds of deals are best in this wild state, try CarsDirect: the comprehensive car buying site can help shoppers find the models they are looking for across the state of Montana or beyond. Take a look at the site's online data tools and pricing info for getting your next car or truck out in Big Sky Country.