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Find used cars in Nebraska at CarsDirect. Nebraska is another one of those states that Easterners or others may tend to leave out when they are talking about destinations or regions of America. However, in its central spot in the Midwest, Nebraska is home to some one-and-a-half million citizens, with an urban center in Omaha, where nearly 1/3 of Nebraskans live, on the state's eastern border. The state of Nebraska has its own interesting history and contributions to American culture, but as for its role in 21st-century America, this state seems to be one of several where a phenomenon called "rural flight" is changing the way the state looks. News media reports that many Nebraska and towns face declining rates of population, as more and more residents flock toward larger cities. To be sure, many independent farmers and other small businesses across Nebraska continue to supply America with agricultural products. Overall, though, it looks like the trend is toward larger urban centers. Regardless of this, Nebraskans depend on their personal vehicles to get them across the state, whether they are commuters to Omaha or those holding out in rural areas. When you're looking for a car or truck within the state of Nebraska, it can be hard to locate deals due to the rural nature of the state and other factors. CarsDirect can help residents or newcomers look for good deals; try the sites online tools when you're looking for your next vehicle in "The Cornhusker State."