Used Cars in New Mexico

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Find used cars in New Mexico at CarsDirect. The population of New Mexico, according to recent estimates, is growing toward the two million mark. This border state, originally a Spanish outpost, now holds a significant portion of the population of the southwest. Its capital, Santa Fe, has about 70,000 residents. Its largest city, Albuquerque, has over 500,000 metropolitan residents and another roughly 300,000 in the metro area. In between these cities, a network of highways brings traffic in from Arizona to the west and Texas to the east, making New Mexico a popular crossing for those passing to the western coast or further into the Texas interior. Part of the unique identity of New Mexico is its diversity: as a formerly Spanish territory, New Mexico is said to have the highest percentage of Hispanic state population at around 45%. It also has a sizeable Navajo population. Though it may not have some of the larger venues and attractions of eastern seaboard states, New Mexico cities include a thriving arts and literature community as well as sports clubs on the collegiate and minor league levels. All of this brings a lot of trafic through the state, and New Mexico residents rely on their cars and trucks to get around the various interstate and local roads and to handle the various topography, including mountainous regions and desert spaces that can be hard on a car or truck. For more on the used vehicle market around New Mexico, try browsing CarsDirect, where easy online tools can help you locate the best deals around this southern state.