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Find used cars in Oklahoma City with CarsDirect. As both the capital and the largest city in the state of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City is home to about half a million residents, with another half million in the greater metro area. Oklahoma City ranks 31st in the list of largest American cities. For those in the Oklahoma area, between Kansas to the north and the large land parcel of Texas to the south, Oklahoma City is the biggest urban center around. The city hosts an NBA team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, as well as a variety of other sports teams at the University or minor league levels. The city also hosts arts venues, such as the Oklahoman city Museum of Art, and the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Botanical gardens and parks also help make this city a draw for regional visitors. Oklahoma City is also a major traffic hub; beyond its borders, Highway 40 takes travelers on a east-west route, while Highway 15 provides the conduit for traffic between Kansas and Texas, through the state of Oklahoma's center. But what about the vehicles that travel these highways every day? Oklahoma vehicles have to be able to handle high heat. The climate in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area is not always kind to vehicles with delicate cooling and radiator systems. For more on the specifics of these cars available in Oklahoma City to Oklahoma City residents, take a look at CarsDirect, where online tools can help you find a great deal and a good solution for traveling in Oklahoma City and beyond.