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Find used cars in Portland at CarsDirect. The city of Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon, with over half a million residents. Situated neatly on the northern side of the state, Portland sits next to the Columbia River, the coast-side border between Oregon and Washington state. To the south, Highway 5 takes travelers across the state of Oregon and to California. To many locals, and some who migrated there from out-of-state, Portland is more than just Oregon's biggest city. It's a place known for its particular culture, sometimes called the greenest city in the US, with its own local scene in sports, music, and more, including local brewing and beer culture, for which the city came to be known as "beer town." Portland hosts the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers, as well as other sports clubs at different league levels. Attractions like the Portland Art Museum and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry bring regular tourist traffic into the city. All of this means a lot of traffic on the roads in and around Portland. Though the city has a developed public transportation system, many in the area still rely on their personal vehicles to take them where they need to go. For those looking for local transportation around the city, CarsDirect can help out: Web users can take advantage of these online database and pricing tools to figure out how to get the best deals around the city of Portland and the northern Oregon State area. Just enter your zip code and view information on used car and truck deals for getting your next set of wheels in this renowned northern urban center.