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Find used cars in Pennsylvania at With over 46,000 square miles, the state of Pennsylvania represents quite a large chunk of the Northeast. Because of its proximity to a lot of smaller states, lots of vehicles make their way in and out of the state. Over 12 million residents call this state home. The major urban centers of Pittsburgh in the West and Philadelphia in the East house a predominant share of Pennsylvania residents. In particular, Philadelphia is a major attraction for those visiting the state. The home of both Philadelphia Phillies and NFL franchise Philadelphia Eagles, the city boasts a large and thriving metro area. Philadelphia's auto dealers, and those scattered across the eastern part of the state, also benefit from a wealth of used vehicles, with local access to the Manheim Auto Auction. Some several dozen miles away from the Philadelphia metro area to the west, the Manheim Auto Auction (MAA) in Lancaster County is one of the largest public car auctions in the country. That makes Pennsylvania a prime place to buy, and dealers from out of state visit the auction to replenish the vehicle models on their lots. Although Pennsylvania dealers and their neighboring shops have access to the auction, local consumers need a variety of resources to benefit from the great selection of used vehicles in the state. One such resource is CarsDirect. An extensive database with thousands of vehicles at the fingertips of the web user. Make CarsDirect the tool you use to get the best used vehicles at the best bargains while spotting terrific deals in the Keystone state.