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Find used cars in Tennessee with CarsDirect. With a population of just over 6 million scattered across over 42,000 square miles, Tennessee is hardly the most populous state in the U.S., but it's actually ranked 14th in the list of fastest growing state populations. With over half a million inhabitants, Nashville is the state's largest metro area. Although its largest urban center is in Memphis, on the state's southwest border. Tennessee shares a border with eight other states, meaning it has access to a lot of traffic from all directions. A lot of used cars can come into the state from Arkansas and Mississippi, from Missouri or Kentucky in the north, or from the Carolinas in the southeast. Finding a price range for used cars in Tennessee can be difficult. The state is too far west to have great access to some of the large used car auctions on the eastern seaboard, and too far south to profit directly from some factory-direct arrangements from the big three in Detroit. However, the low overhead of some of the state's rural dealers means a customer could get a break on a late-model used vehicle in parts of TN. If you are on the hunt and wondering where to look, take a look at CarsDirect, where pricing and online tools can help narrow your search and get you closer to a good deal around the Volunteer State.