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Find used cars in Nashville at CarsDirect. The city of Nashville is second to Memphis in the list of Tennessee's most populous cities, but to many residents and visitors, it's first in their hearts. The city offers quite a lot to those who call it home and those who travel there on business or for sightseeing. Over one-and-a-half million Tennessee residents reside in the Nashville metro area. In its position in the northern center of the state, you might think that Nashville would not get a lot of traffic from neighboring Virginia or other parts of the eastern seaboard. However, in reality, it's a popular destination for a number of reasons. The city of Nashville hosts its own NFL franchise, the Tennessee Titans, as well as a number of other sports clubs, but the city may be best known for its reputation as a live music center. Country music owes a lot to Nashville, where venues like the Tennessee Performing Arts Center host a variety of bands and artists, and annual festivals, most notably the CMA Music Festival, bring additional visitors to the city. The "Grand Ole Opry," a popular radio show for many years, was also produced in Nashville at the Ryman auditorium, and the show created its own local tourism venues that drew a lot of traffic into Nashville. For those who live and work in this vibrant urban center, transportation is key: Nashville residents rely on their cars and trucks to get them around the city and out to other areas of the state. If you're looking for a car or truck in Nashville, consider using online database tools from CarsDirect, where you can find pricing and availability for what's on the auto lots around Nashville and beyond.