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Find used cars in Austin with CarsDirect.The capital of the second largest U.S. state of Texas, the city of Austin boasts over 750,000 residents according to most recent census data. Though the city of Austin is only the fourth largest in the state, its central location and other key elements make it a big draw for both Texas residents and those visiting from outside of the state. Though Austin is the largest U.S. city not hosting a major league sports franchise, what it lacks in big sports venues it makes up for in its hosting of arts and music venues. Austin, called "The Live Music Capital of the World," has become a major hub for not just music, but also for film-making and theater. Through attracting musical acts and film production centers, Austin has made a name for itself as a premier Texas residential or tourist destination, and a diverse community that has garnered awards for green innovation and other desirable community functions in the 21st century. Many of today's urban-living authorities see Austin as a forward-thinking city with a bright future. But what about transportation? The vibrant outlook within the city means shoppers in Austin might have a lot to choose from when visiting local used car dealers. CarsDirect can help shoppers find the models they are looking for in Austin city with good online pricing and data tools. Take a look at what CarsDirect offers for getting your next car or truck in the city of Austin or throughout the Lone Star State.