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Find used cars in El Paso with CarsDirect. The city of El Paso is no backwater town; El Paso ranks sixth in the list of largest Texan cities, making it the 22nd largest in the country. Over 600,000 people reside in the city, with another hundred thousand in the surrounding metro area. That's not counting the southern sprawl that spreads southward in the neighboring Ciudad Juarez across the border in the Mexican province of Chihuahua. The Rio Grande splits this teeming urban center in two, but a lot of cross-border traffic makes a busy city even busier. In sports, El Paso has its own football team, the El Paso Brawlers, part of the "Far West League," as well as the scholastic University of Texas at El Paso team. Other sports venues and attractions make this city a hot spot for residents and visitors alike. With a local airport and rail travel access, locals have options for transportation, but just as there are a lot of people packed into this southern city, there are a lot of cars on El Paso lots and in driveways, up for sale to the highest bidder. So how do you get good deals in El Paso? Lots of car buyers in this southern community will be looking for vehicles that can take the heat: normal El Paso summer temps creep up into the hundred-and-teens, so heat-shy sedans and specialty cars likely won't make the cut. For more on the specifics of what's available for El Paso roads, the online tools and database at CarsDirect can help users locate good vehicle deals: turn to this online pricing and info center for seeking out your next used car or truck from all of the models that are scattered across this central south Texas city.