Used Cars in Lubbock, Texas

Save time and money with CarsDirect.

When shopping for a used car in Lubbock, home of the Texas Tech Red Raiders and over 250,000 proud Texans, there is no better place to start than CarsDirect. With over a million vehicles listed for sale nationwide, we are here to make your used car search as simple and productive as possible.

Searching for a used car in Lubbock begins by simply entering a zip code. If you're not sure exactly what you want, you can narrow the search by starting with something as vague as a body style -- you will be shown a variety of vehicles, and can start refining from there.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can be as specific as you would like by entering the year, make, model -- even specific features such as color, engine, transmission type, leather seats and navigation. CarsDirect can also assist in finding a dealer that sells Certified Pre-Owned vehicles in your area.

Once you have located the perfect used car in Lubbock, CarsDirect offers several other services that can help you complete your purchase. If you have a car that you are trading in, we can help by providing you a quote based on the current Lubbock used car market conditions, before you go to the dealership and avoid surprises along the way.

CarsDirect can also assist in securing financing for your vehicle purchase, even if your credit report shows a few bumps and bruises. We can help almost anyone find financing at a competitive rate on a used car.