Used Cars in Plano, Texas

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Find used cars in Plano at CarsDirect. Plano is a suburb of Dallas, north of the city itself. The ninth largest city in the state, Plano's was population is 267,480 and plays a large and important role in the Texas economy. The city isn't just a sleepy suburb of Dallas. It's actually where the headquarters of dozens of large American corporations, such as Frito-Lay, JCPenney, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and Electronic Data Systems. Why would CNN Money magazine call Plano the best place to live in the West? Because Plano is simply one of the greatest all around cities in America. A perfect combination of people and places. Plano is the type of place where you really do need the right kind of car. The difference between a fun trip to Dallas and a miserable day can be the car you own. Only 1% of the population of Plano uses the DART public transit system, which really shows how important cars are to the residents of Plano. There's no reason to pretend like Texans don't love their cars. Public transit might work in other states, but Texas is the type of place where you really just have to have the right car. Go to CarsDirect.Com today and find a used car that fits your personality and budget. Plano's a great place, but you really need the right car to appreciate it as much as you could.