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Find used cars in San Antonio at CarsDirect. The city of San Antonio is literally situated "deep in the heart of Texas," in central Bexar County. With over a million residents, the San Antonia metropolitan area takes up the majority of the county's 1,200 square miles. San Antonio has been called "the epicenter of Tejano culture and Texas"the local visitor's center claims that San Antonio gets up to 26 million tourist visitors per year! The city's centrality in the famous Battle of the Alamo is a large part of this booming tourist trade. Another attraction is local sports venuesthough the city has so far not been able to lure major league baseball or NFL franchises, the NBA's Spurs call San Antonio home. With all of the resulting traffic from these and other attractions, San Antonio residents and visitors have to get around. A mass transit system known as VIA Metropolitan Transit offers a way to get to local destinations like the Six Flags center and SeaWorld. However, many residents still rely on their personal cars and trucks to get around San Antonio and other parts of the state. So what kind of vehicles do San Antonio drivers favor? Texas vehicles need to be able to handle the heat: summers bring extremely high temperatures to this southern state, and especially in some arid regions, weather conditions can do a number on a vehicle's cooling systems. For more on the choice options for used vehicles in San Antonio and across Texas, take a look at CarsDirect, where online tools can get you closer to your next set of wheels in the Alamo city.