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Find used cars in Utah at CarsDirect. Lots of Americans might know the state of Utah best as home to its own large Mormon population. After all, up until as late as the early 1900s, Mormon settlement dominated the state population and practically controlled what went on within its borders. After its induction into the official U.S. "Union" in 1896, a greater non-Mormon population started to grow within Utah. Today, the state has a lot to offer both residents and visitors. Utah has its own professional sports team, the Utah Jazz of the NBA, who play their home games in the EnergySolutions arena in Salt Lake City. It also has a wide variety of parks and ski resorts that beckon to the outdoor minded, making tourism an important part of the Utah state economy. While Mormon practice continues to influence the state culture, Utah has become very much a part of America's landscape, a popular destination for many who are exploring the American West. Anyone looking to spend significant time in Utah will be looking for transportation to get around this somewhat remote state. If you're looking for a used car or truck in the state of Utah, consider taking a look at the tools available to you on CarsDirect. This online pricing and auto guide site will help locate the best deals around Salt Lake City, Provo and other Utah mega-cities, as well as more rural parts of the state, for exploring its unique natural beauty.