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Find used cars in Vermont at CarsDirect. To most of us who know anything about American geography, it's no surprise that Vermont is among the most rural states. With less than a million residents, Vermont is the second least populous state after Wyoming. Even its name, originating from the French for "green mountains," associates Vermont with a rural quality. The state is a non-coastal, small area in the very north of the country that, together with neighboring New Hampshire, forms a kind of square. Though Vermont does not have an oceanic coast, it does have a border on Lake Champlain to the north. The state of Vermont doesn't have some of the attractions we associate with larger states in the eastern seaboard; instead, it's a state of small towns, places considered quaint by a lot of southern visitors, where a lot of daily business takes place at the Central Post Office or government building. The city of Burlington is Vermont's largest city; recent estimates put its population at just over 40,000. Through this mostly rural area, Vermont Highway 91 runs the length of the state north to south, and other highways bring visitors to the rest of this green country, including the central green mountain range in the middle of the state for which Vermont was originally named. The unique rural aspect of this state can make it hard to find the vehicles that residents and newcomers need for daily transportation. To get a look at what kind of used cars and trucks are available in this remote place, take a look at CarsDirect, where online pricing and availability tools can help you find your own reliable transportation in Vermont.