Used Cars in Hampton, Virginia

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Buying used cars in Hampton can be done by finding a car dealership in the yellow pages or online or a private party listing a used car for sale in either the newspaper or online. In either case, there are certain tips to keep in mind.

Researching for any complaints against any car dealership can be accomplished by checking with the Better Business Bureau. Complaints from consumers are lodged with this agency, which then investigates the allegations. Reputable dealerships will also certify their cars against any defects. However, be sure to inquire what exactly the “certification” entails. Some dealerships will inspect and guarantee more parts than others. Some dealerships will also finance their own cars instead of using outside lenders. This usually saves the buyer costs; however, be sure to read the entire contract and make sure all terms are in writing. You should research any car’s history even if buying from a dealer. Some dealers will even provide this information automatically.

Buying from a private party can be trickier. Sometimes they will not reveal the entire car’s history so it is best to research that information online at Inspect the vehicle and take it for an adequate test drive – enough time for the engine to heat up to regular operating temperature. In this way, any problems should reveal themselves at this time. Be sure to “open the hood” and watch the engine operate

Buying used cars can be hassle free if you do the proper research and test-drive the car beforehand.