Used Cars in Newport News, Virginia

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Find used cars in Newport News at With a population of over 180,000 residents, one looking to purchase a used car in this fifth largest city of Virginia will find that they have access to a very healthy used car market. Check out for all the latest used car listings right in your own neighborhood. Browse the local car lot inventories from the comfort of your own home without the hassle of dealing with car salesmen trying to earn commission off of you or having to drive from dealer to dealer wasting your time and fuel, attempting to happen upon that perfect car. Buyer beware: used cars in VA need to be checked for a number of maintenance issues before considering the vehicle for purchase. It can get fairly warm and humid in Virginia and Newport News is not excluded. As such, ask for the maintenance records and ensure the engine cooling system has been properly maintained. That is to say, ensure that the engine coolant was regularly flushed and exchanged. You want and need a car that will blow cool air when it’s 100+ degrees outside and humid, but will also blow warm air when it’s pushing minus temperatures. Also, check the wear on the brakes and tires. Ask for the CarFax, which is an affordable service available to car dealers that allow the potential customer the opportunity to check the history of the vehicle for any recalls, accidents, or anything associated with the vehicles VIN. If you request and are subsequently denied a CarFax report on the car you are interested in, walk away from the sale. Also, with the automobile industry as a whole in shambles, you as a consumer have a lot of buying power. Educate yourself on the Kelley Blue Book value of the make and model you would like to own, decide how much you are willing to pay, and negotiate the asking price with the dealer. Do not pay sticker price. The dealer needs your business and will probably be willing to make a sale with a $500 mark down to keep you from going to a competitor. Whether you are in the market for a commuter vehicle, a family sedan, or a second recreational vehicle, check out and ensure you are bringing the widest selection of used car make and models right to your own doorstep!"