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Find used cars in Seattle at CarsDirect. Just like a whole lot of other states, the state of Washington has a capital that's not the biggest urban center in the state. While the Washington state capital is in Olympia, the city of Seattle is the largest urban center, ranking 15th in the country, with over 3 million residents in its greater metro area. But Seattle is bigger than just its population. It's a major hub with a lot to offer visitors. To say that Seattle is a major sports center is an understatement: with the NFL's Seattle Seahawks, major league baseball's Seattle Mariners, and a host of other sports venues, as well as many very dedicated fans, Seattle is key in the Western major league sports rosters. It's also the birthplace of grunge music, as well as home to urban architectural landmarks like the Space Needle. All of this, plus a reputation for technology industry jobs, makes Seattle a true boomtown in today's America. With all that traffic around this major city, it's worth looking at how Seattle residents get around. Though some regional public transit systems are available, many Seattle residents rely on their personal cars and trucks to get them anywhere they need to be, within the Seattle-Tacoma area, and around the state. Seattle vehicles need to be able to handle freezing temperatures and a lot of precipitation, as rain, freezing rain and other elements are also part of the Seattle reputation. To see more about what kind of used vehicles Seattle residents generally use, and what's available on the local used car market, take a look at CarsDirect for a lot of useful information on how to get your next vehicle registered in The Emerald City.