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Find used cars in Wisconsin with CarsDirect. With about five-and-a-half million total residents, Wisconsin is not the most populous U.S. state. It does have a sizable land mass of over 65,000 square miles, several large cities, and a big reputation in some industries, notably in cheese production, earning Wisconsin the title of "America's Dairyland" in addition to its official state nickname, "The Badger State." Wisconsin is one of the few states where multiple cities host major league sports franchises: though the state capital is in Madison, the city of Milwaukee, home of baseball's Milwaukee Brewers, is the largest urban center in Wisconsin, with about 600,000 residents, and Green Bay, home of the NFL Green Bay packers, has its own population of over 100,000. From Madison in the South to Green Bay in the north, the state enjoys a lot of tourist traffic, and that means a lot of cars on Wisconsin roads, as well as a good volume of used vehicles on the state's used auto lots. Though cars might make their way around Lake Michigan from the heart of U.S. auto manufacturing in Detroit, used cars in Wisconsin can come from a variety of different places. What does that mean for shoppers who are looking for their next ride in this northern state? If you are having a hard time locating a car or truck model in Wisconsin, try CarsDirect, where online database and pricing tools can empower car shoppers to get the deals they want, in the Badger State or anywhere else in the country.