Used Cars in Wisconsin

Save time and money with CarsDirect.

Whether you live in Green Bay, Madison or Milwaukee, your search for a used car in Wisconsin should start with CarsDirect. You could spend your valuable time driving from city to city, traversing the state's 65,000 square miles of in search of the perfect used car, but why? Just do what thousands of other Wisconsin residents have done: Settle down on the couch and start your used car search from the warm comfort of home with CarsDirect.

Searching for a used car in Wisconsin really doesn't get much easier than entering your zip code, then as much or as little information about the vehicle you are looking for. You can start with a body style, or be as specific as year, make, model, color, trim level and even individual options like leather seats and navigation. The more specific you are, the narrower your search results will be.

Once you've located a vehicle you would like to purchase, CarsDirect is there to further assist in your transaction. We can also provide you with an accurate quote for your trade-in and help direct you to a lender with favorable rates and terms for all types of credit.