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Find used cars in Green Bay with CarsDirect. In its unique place in the American North, at the bank of Lake Michigan, the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin is the state's third-largest city after Madison and Milwaukee. Green Bay has more than 100,000 residents, its own national NFL franchise and many attractions that bring visitors to this urban area that has been a place of human habitation since before French settlement in the 1600s. Various schools, sports teams and major employers make the city of Green Bay a draw for residents of the greater Wisconsin area. The city also has some degree of proximity to the huge regional urban center of Chicago in Northern Illinois, less than 200 miles away. With the limited public transportation available in Green Bay, local residents are often very dependent on their personal vehicles. The winters of Wisconsin are not particularly kind to cars and trucks, and the personal vehicles that Green Bay residents drive must be able to handle somewhat harsh environmental conditions as well as long distances for those who live outside of the downtown area and commute into the city. That said, buyers who are looking for a deal on a pre-owned vehicle in this northern metropolis can often find some attractive offers for sale by owner or at the lots of local dealerships. For those who are looking for their next vehicle in the Green Bay area, can be helpful in providing useful guides and tools for locating and inspecting those special offers and getting the desired car or truck model that you're looking for.