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The Tiguan first hit showrooms in 2009 as Volkwagen's take on the compact crossover wave. Based on the front-drive Golf, the Tiguan has gained quite a following by virtue of its well-constructed interior, wide model range, and German personality. It's also one of the few car-based vehicles that offers an off-road package for true outdoor adventure. The sole engine is VW's turbocharged 2.0 four-cylinder with 200 horsepower.

Cargo space lags behind some rivals, but that hasn't appeared to deter buyers. Fresh from a 2012 facelift, the Tiguan continues with only minor trim revisions.

Volkswagen Tiguan Generations

2009 - 2014 Volkswagen Tiguan

3/4 Front Glamour 2014 Volkswagen Tiguan

Major changes included:

In 2009, Volkswagen released the first-generation Tiguan. This compact SUV rolled atop the same platform as the VW Jetta and Golf, and featured aggressive styling for a crossover. In 2012, a slight revision to the front end replaced the front grille and apron with updated pieces. Since its debut, the Tiguan has come standard with a 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 200 horsepower and 206 pound-feet of torque.

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