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1995 Mitsubishi Galant Overview

Until last year, the Mitsubishi Galant was a compact sedan that appealed to very specialized tastes. This car's boxy style and unusual lineup, including limited-edition versions with turbocharged engines and all-wheel drive, set it apart from mainstream competitors' products. Although many people admired the Galant, the simple fact was that not enough of these folks actually went out and bought the car. That situation changed dramatically with the introduction of the 1994 Galant. Gone were the creases and sharp edges that gave the car its up-right appearance. That look was replaced by smooth, flowing lines derived from Mitsubishi's larger Diamante sedan. Gone too were any offbeat mechanical features. The new Galant was utterly conventional, and superbly executed. So it is in '95, when Galant continues with only minor changes to an already appealing product. One improvement that's scheduled to arrive late in the '95 model year is a V6 engine, which will be available in the top-of-the-line Galant LS V6. But for now, the primary alterations to the Galant are confined to a redesigned hood and some changes in content and option packages. The Galant's success is vital to Mitsubishi, a company that has invested considerable effort in establishing a brand image in this country after years of being known as a supplier of niche vehicles to Chrysler Corporation. Whatever the result may have been so far on the corporate-image front, the work put into making the Galant an attractive proposition for customers has paid off. Count the Galant as one of the most impressive sedans in its class, and a genuine best buy. And its appeal should only increase when the larger, more powerful V6 engine is made available.