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1995 Saab 900 Overview

If an automobile were an entirely rational purchase, there probably wouldn't be a lot of room in this world for cars like the Saab 900. We don't mean to suggest for a minute that the 900 is deficient in any of the key automotive virtues, such as performance, comfort and safety. It's just that Saabs tend to march to a different drumbeat. For some, the difference has made the Saab an object of passion. The 900 Turbo, in particular, became one of the cult cars of the '80s, and a high proportion of Saab's modest U.S. sales went to black 3-doors. Thanks to Saab's partnership with General Motors - GM now owns half of the Swedish company - the 900 got its first major redesign in 15 years for the 1994 model year. Using a number of elements from various Opel cars (Opel is GM's German subsidiary), Saab engineers were able to create an all-new 900, with the first V6 engine option in Saab history. The resulting car was a singularly clever piece of work - a much more modern 900 that still preserved the unique character and appeal of the original.

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