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1997 Buick LeSabre Overview

The Buick LeSabre is a car with a loyal following. In the grand tradition of full-size American sedans, the LeSabre offers lots of room, plenty of power and a soft, quiet ride. It offers many of the same amenities as prestige luxury sedans, but in a more affordable package: lots of pampering for the price. Which is just what its cadre of loyal drivers want. The car has changed a little over the years. Modern notions like front-wheel drive, an electronically controlled V6 engine, and traction control have crept into recent redesigns. LeSabre owners, though, have not been clamoring for more major changes. Quite the contrary. So when Buick designers and engineers, ready to redesign the car for 1997, asked LeSabre owners what they wanted changed, they did not get a long list of demands. Indeed, they were urged not to mess up a good thing, and they listened. In fact, the most noticeable changes they could point to were the new plastic moldings that keep errant grocery carts from dinging the doors and fenders. New halogen headlights. New end-release seatbelts. Very cautious. No one is complaining, however. The result of the update is familiar, yet sophisticated, reliable and comfortable transportation. Buick likes to say the LeSabre offers peace of mind, and it does exactly that.