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1997 Chrysler Cirrus Overview

Amazing, isn't it? A company consistently creates a dreary series of mediocre, brick-shaped cars, and the next thing you know, that same company up and seizes the mantle of design leadership for the entire domestic automobile industry. Every time Chrysler steps up to the plate these days, the ball seems to go over the fence. And it seems wholly probable that the new Cirrus is going to keep the hitting streak alive. It's got the right stuff. This goes well beyond looks, of course. As a '90s car buyer, you're recognized by business analysts as having more savvy than ever before. You're informed on safety, you know value and you have high expectations for reliability and durability. But even so, it helps a lot if that new car also happens to look good, right? Of course. Well, you don't need us to tell you that this all-new car looks even better than good. Along with its twin, the Dodge Stratus, the Cirrus stole the 1994 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and our test drive travels made it plain that it's one of the very few midsize sedans with enough visual horsepower to earn second and third glances from passersby. Styling may not be everything in this enlightened automotive age, but it's still an excellent starting point.

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