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2005 Cadillac XLR Overview

The Cadillac XLR is the company's stunning flagship, a luxurious high-performance sports car based on the new Corvette. Its styling is edgy, classy, powerful and distinctive and its interior is luxurious and attractive. Like the Mercedes SL, the XLR is a hardtop convertible: Press a button and the top goes up or down in 30 seconds. With the top up, the XLR looks like an edgy, powerful coupe, and it acts like one. This is not your father's Cadillac. The XLR offers tenacious grip and excellent handling, benefits of a modified version of the superb 2005 Corvette chassis. It sounds sexy and delivers brilliant acceleration performance. Its 320-horsepower Northstar V8 is a modern, double overhead cam engine with variable-valve technology. The XLR is lighter and more powerful and quicker than the Mercedes SL500, Lexus SC430 and Jaguar XK8. Yet it's smooth, quiet and pleasant when cruising, top up or top down.