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Jerimy Grafenstein
Automotive Editor - January 21, 2013


Redesigned in 2012, the BMW 335i is available as a sedan, coupe and convertible, and remains one of the 3-series most intriguing offerings. Returning this year is the xDrive (for the sedan) trim level featuring all-wheel drive. Renowned for it's performance and commitment to luxury, the 335i features a turbocharged inline V6 as its base engine. This impressive piece of machinery produces 300 horsepower and 300 foot-pound of torque while still retaining fuel efficiency ratings more common to four cylinder engines. Driver's can expect to see 23 MPG in the city and 33 MPG on the highway, with a combined fuel rating of 26 MPG. Engine upgrades are available on several trim levels.

The 335i is available in a variety of presentations. Drivers must choose if they want the elegant four-door sedan, the sporty coupe, or the flashy convertible, and what trim level and options they prefer. The 335i is available as two-door coupe or four-door sedan, and a convertible. The 335is is available as a two-door coupe and convertible, but not as a sedan, while the 335i xDrive is offered as a two-door coupe a four-door sedan. The xDrive features a newly redesigned all-wheel drive system which was strictly designed with safety in mind - and not performance, and it is not available as a convertible. No matter what configuration you choose, the base engine options and interior are roughly the same.

Like all BMWs, the cabin of the 335i is well-designed with high-quality materials and consideration for the operation of the vehicle. The sedan has four separate options for equipment and each changes the color and trim inside the cabin. This enables buyers to customize their interior and is a welcome addition. Even the most cost effective options feature quality materials which appear and feel more luxurious than one might expect. One minor complaint is that BMWs iDrive interface is a complex piece of technology. It has a steep learning curve and often simple changes require a series of endless navigation to achieve the desired result. That said, nearly every facet of the driving experience can be customized from this device - making the education worthwhile.

Driving the 335i is rewarding. The raw pavement tearing torque generated from the turbocharged V6 is impressive. The roar of the engine, the sharp steering, and balanced chassis ensure drivers a thrilling and reflexive driving experience, leaving the 335i as a well-rounded and sophisticated choice - no matter what your needs.

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