2013 Dodge Journey Overview

CarsDirect Staff
January 3, 2013

The SUV was updated in 2011, and the interior and power both got significant upgrades. In fact, even the exterior looks a bit more menacing with deep creases while still appealing to all types of buyers. The critical update to the Dodge Journey, however, was to the interior. Soft-touch plastics and other updates help highlight a cleaner design in the cabin. Families will appreciate the technological features with touchscreen stereo access and mobile device connectivity. They'll also like the fact that the Dodge Journey has space for seven available, as well as a number of cubbies to put things away during trips.

Many buyers will want to take a look at the V6 engine, which puts out 263 horsepower while still managing 25 miles per gallon on the highway. The four-cylinder puts out 173 horsepower, and is a bit more efficient. While it is not a Ferrari, the handling is precise even though the ride is actually comfortable on long highway trips. An optional suspension package firms things up for owners who want a little bit more zing.

There are six airbags for safety, as well as a number of electronic traction control and related systems for good crash test scores. However, the combination of electronics, comfortable interior and surprisingly crisp handling and power delivery may appeal more to owners.

The compact and twiner SUV market is a profitable and competitive one. Dodge Journeys are compared to the Kia Sorento, which is smaller and slightly underpowered yet won't cause any headaches if there are breakdowns thanks to the longer warranty. The Chevrolet Equinox offers more cabin space, but the Dodge Journey's improvement in interior quality puts it ahead of the Equinox in that department. The Toyota RAV4 is a similar comparison, and its fuel economy can seem lacking to those that opt for a Dodge Journey with a V6. The Subaru Forester has the company's all-wheel drive standard and a slightly stronger off-road pedigree, but the AWD takes away from fuel economy.

The Dodge Journey has a number of strong points in its favor, and prospective owners would do well to check out its several trim lines. Each, including the SE, SXT, Crew and R/T offer benefits in terms of stereo systems, interior upgrades and power options for a variety of buyers.