2013 Ford Fiesta Overview

CarsDirect Staff
December 28, 2012

The Ford Fiesta was relaunched in 2010 after a long hiatus, and like other vehicles has benefited from Ford's emphasis on global models. A subcompact, it handles substantially better than previous models did, and it also has a more upscale interior thanks to the needs of the European market. The Fiesta is available as both a sedan and a hatchback.

All trim lines come with a 120-horsepower inline-4 engine, and they get the same fuel economy, 29 MPG in the city and 39 MPG on the highway, which complements the low initial price. It won’t explode off the line, thanks to higher gearing so it sips fuel, but expect to get to 60 MPH in a little over nine seconds. What the Fiesta really benefits from is the torque band. It feels meatier during acceleration, and thanks to steering feel and a tuned suspension, it also handles well among members of its class. Further, while the automatic doesn’t require a clutch pedal and deft left foot, it can actually shift fairly quickly, among the best in its class. A Fiesta also has interior amenities worth pointing out, including a well-constructed cabin and few cheap plastics.

In addition, if the worst happens, the Fiesta is equipped with seven airbags, including front, side, side curtain and a driver’s knee airbag. Like comparable subcompacts, it’s equipped with antilock brakes and an electronic stability system.

Buyers may want to opt for the sedan if they can, as the hatchback can be a bit tight compared to other options in the subcompact space. While the Ford Fiesta might be a good fit for all ages, the sedan and the hatchback can look markedly different. The sedan’s lines help to moderate the aggressive grille, while the hatchback actually accentuates it. A close competitor is the Mazda2 which used to be built on the same platform. It may handle better, but the styling is aggressive and amenities aren’t as nice. The Hyundai Accent puts a bit more power down, but doesn’t have features like a telescopic steering wheel or even cruise control. The Chevrolet Sonic adds a rear side airbag and navigation, but is substantially heavier and thirsty for gas. The Kia Rio LX is lighter and quicker, but lacks an adjustable steering wheel and cruise control. The Ford Fiesta may not be the cheapest subcompact, but except for stripped down options, it offers good value for money. The package is handsome and the handling is unexpectedly strong.

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