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2013 Lincoln Navigator L Overview

Jerimy Grafenstein
Automotive Editor - January 31, 2013

In a world where SUVs are rapidly shrinking, the 2013 Lincoln Navigator L is bucking the trend and remains one of the last holdovers with a large truck-based design. And in many ways its easier to discuss the Navigator in terms of what it isn't. It's not an economy SUV, it's not small, and it's not designed for fuel efficiency or economy. In all regards, the 2013 Navigator is an exercise in excess, a fact that is largely responsible for the popularity of the Navigator in the first place.

The Navigator L is powered by a 5.4 liter V8 flex-fuel engine that produces 310 horsepower and 365 foot-pounds of torque. Rear-wheel drive and a six-speed automatic transmission are standard, though four-wheel-drive is available as an optional upgrade. This engine manages to muster 14 mpg city and 20 mpg highway -- not altogether terrible numbers for such a heavy vehicle. The fact that the Navigator is a flex-fuel engine is also a nice touch, though one that seems wasted on such a behemoth.

The exterior design of the Navigator is largely unchanged from years past. It's boxy, and in some ways evokes images of a large truck, which, in a sense, it is. The Navigator's interior is opulent. Materials are impressive, and there's a noticeable sense of luxury and style. The design allows for versatility, and is easily one of the best of the class. Interior storage space in the L is impressive, especially with folding third-row seats.

Driving the Navigator L is like driving a lavish bus. The acceleration is somewhat lacking in comparison to the competition and sight lines are often compromised. However, the transmission handles the shifting with ease and the ride is comfortable. The multitude of features and options ensure a pleasant driving experience; with heated and cooled seats, and power everything, drivers and passengers won't be disappointed.

Overall the Navigator L offers a high-class interior, a lot of versatility, generous storage space, and adequate towing capacity. The engine is a bit meek for such a large vehicle, but the options are plentiful and impressive, and the experience of riding inside more than makes up for any deficiencies.