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  • 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Preview - TEST

    Jerimy Grafenstein
    Automotive Editor - February 14, 2013
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    The Evo X makes no apologies for terrible fuel efficiency, an economy car interior, and boy-racer styling; all complaints melt away once you sit behind the wheel.

    After Mitsubishi told Autocar last year that the current Evo would mark the end of the line, an outpouring of fan support caused the company to backpedal. The brand later confirmed that “Mitsubishi is fully intent on producing a high-performance car in the future, albeit green.”

    Rumors have bred more rumors, but one thing we know: the next Evo, or whatever Mitsubishi’s green performance model is to be known, will be a very different car.

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    The days are numbered for the Evo X. With CAFE mpg regulations looming and Mitsubishi’s paradigm shift toward hybrids and EVs, we just don’t see the brand ever producing another model engineered purely to fit the driver like a glove, practicality be damned.

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