Pricing and Equipment

  • Sedans start at $33,215, while coupes have a base price of $37,995.
  • The entry-level Standard skimps on amenities. Most buyers in this class will get what they expect -- say, leather upholstery -- at the Luxury, Performance and Premium trim levels.
  • Look for MSRPs in the low-to-mid $40,000s on popularly equipped ATS inventory; a fully loaded example will have a price tag in the $50,000 neighborhood.

Performance Pros

Cadillac ATS Gear

An ATS equipped with the turbo-four or V6 equals or outperforms the competition on virtually every metric. Its only real rival for dynamic prowess is the BMW 3 Series. The standard suspension is so balanced that an optional package with Magnetic Ride Control—the same system you'd find on a Corvette—is not a must-have for outstanding handling and ride quality.

Most buyers will choose an automatic transmission, but a traditional six-speed manual gearbox is optional with the turbocharged engine.

Performance Cons

While the base four-cylinder engine delivers the best fuel economy—33 mpg highway—it's also the slowest ATS in the lineup. Acceleration to 60 mph will take 7.5 seconds, rather leisurely for the class, and two seconds slower than an ATS with the turbocharged four.

Interior Pros

Cadillac ATS Charging Station

The cabin of an ATS is notable for high-quality materials and craftsmanship, and comfortable seats. There's also clever design. Behind the center console's display screen, for instance, is a hidden alcove with a wireless charging system that keeps cords and devices out of sight.

Further, Cadillac has made significant improvements to the haptic functionality of its CUE system, which replaced many buttons with controls that are sensitive to the touch.

Interior Cons

Most competitors have more spacious cabins, and rear-seat space is at a premium in any ATS. This doesn't mean the back seats aren't usable: a six-footer can squeeze behind the front seats of a coupe -- but only just.

The Most Pleasant Surprise

Cadillac ATS Seats

Especially as BMW has softened the performance edge of its cars, the ATS has become a serious alternative for serious drivers. This Cadillac isn't just good for a Cadillac -- it's good by the toughest standards of its class.

The Least Pleasant Surprise

We've gotten used to aggressively distinctive Cadillac design, and the styling of the ATS, though elegant, is a bit mainstream.

The Bottom Line

The Cadillac ATS has been on the receiving end of rave reviews, and all are well-deserved. Just remember to skip the base 2.5-liter engine and the base Standard trim level.

Cadillac ATS Rear

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